Nine Suggestions For NaNoWriMo, 9/9

And at last, here’s the last three suggestions I have to deal with NaNoWriMo a little better.

  1. Celebrate each victory – completing a project is a matter of following each step, so every time you sit down, every time to complete your allotted daily total, make sure to reward yourself. Rewarding helps you create a positive reinforcement that gives you more energy for the next goal.

    Use small things: a chocolate, or browsing for five minutes. Even better, go on a walk. And remember to touch some grass.

  2. When you hit a roadblock: just know it is perfectly normal. Writing a novel is never easy, and the difficulties peak at around halfway. That’s the moment you have to take a deep breath and remind you why you are doing this. Each of us has different reasons – those I have found most useful are knowing I set up a challenge to myself and wanting to feel the rush of happiness that comes from a job well done.

    Likewise, if you skip a day (even though I strongly advised against it), it’s not a big deal. Try to spread the missing wordcount over the next few days.
  3. When you win: celebrate, as it has been a wild ride for sure. Also, make sure to treat yourself to something big!

    And remember that there’s always next year…

    This also if you did not win. It is a hard challenge, especially as a beginner, so if you did not complete your goal or leave the project, try to understand why.

    The circumstances might be more important than you think. Try to understand what it did not work and try to implement it better.

    After all, writing every day does not have to be a November thing.

Thanks foe reading. I hope you liked these points and you did find them useful.

I will see you tomorrow. Good luck, and godspeed.


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