A Faepocalypse webnovel

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One century after the planet is ruined by a supernatural apocalypse, a beast Hunter is tasked with taking a wolf-girl home.

But in this upturned world truth is the first casualty: and though for the Hunter this might be the only chance to have his deepest desire granted, there’s more into play that he might guess.

As what was supposed to be a risky, yet rewarding job turns into a nightmare chase through the cursed woods just as the Fae are coming out of their lairs for their Winter Tide, both he and his so-called prey have to face ever-increasing challenges, tell apart reality from delusion and shift unlikely alliances.

For the heart of humanity is as dark and as hungry as the shadow of the woods, and it’s ever-harder to understand which one might be the direst threat…

Patina is my first web-novel to be published online under the Author Montresor pen name – it’s also part of my ongoing 100-Days Challenge to write at least 1,000 words every day. So far so good.

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