On Making Stupid Mistakes

One of the effects the 100-days-challenge is having on me is how I respond to making mistakes, i.e. my greatest and deepest fear.

Yesterday I realized that almost all the links I carefully recorded to ease navigations were wrong (I uploaded the admin version of the link instead of the public one).

Much facepalming later, I rolled up my sleeves and proceeded to correct more than one hundred links, both in the Patina updates and the index page. It took me about one hour and was cause of much frustration, but, compared to how I would have felt just a few weeks ago, but a glimpse of shame.

This, pretty much.

How so? I suspect is one of the consequences of publishing every day. I have no time to second-guess myself, and bit by bit what used to be overwhelming fear turned into mild annoyance and a chuckle at how much I have yet to learn (I’ll write another short article on how this approach has changed my writing process).

I am still making stupid mistakes. I will most definitely keep making them for as long as I live and maybe a few days later, if the shitposting gods smile upon me. But how I approach this fact, slowly shifting from paralyzing fear and a a more constructive attitude, is changing.

I am looking forward to see more changes of this kind.


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